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1- Day Seminar: ‘Using Business Intelligence in the Process of Decision Making'

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1- Day Seminar: ‘Using Business Intelligence in the Process of Decision Making'
by Leeroy Carbin - Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 10:04 AM

We hereby invite you to register for the first seminar of the 2018 series of seminars on ‘Business Decision Making in a world of Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Complexity’:


‘Using Business Intelligence in the Process of Decision Making

Date:               Friday January 26, 2018

Time:              09.00-15.00hrs.

Venue:            FHR School of Management  

Fee:               SRD 600 (reader with PP slides & reference articles, snacks and lunch).

Lecturer:       Dr. David Dingli



We are living in a technological era that is creating information overload making it challenging for managers to extract the relevant data to support their decision making processes. Those that have managed to overcome this hurdle have mastered the art of value adding effective business intelligence capabilities.

In theory the process sounds quite simple: collect data, process, report, and interpret it so that this output can be used to support managerial decision making. In practice, all sorts of problems crop up.

We are asking: What data should I collect? How should I do that? Where do I store it? What technology do I need to process it? In what format should I present and report the findings? And finally, do managers really want to use the output in their decision making process.     

We can all feel the pressure for speed in decision making.

Technology today enables us to take real time business decisions based on accurate business intelligence.


Seminar objective:

The objective of this seminar is to enable participants to appreciate the value of Business Intelligence and how it can transform decision making for enhanced efficiency and competitive advantage. 

It’s time to unlock your company’s Business Intelligence potential.


For more information: tachanna.brown@fhrinstitute.sr

For registration: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=JLMrmglkLkKxAmlQ7nHSLvxyQx5qAvBEtVey8AtxGsJUNzdXMVE1QVRPVEZGRDlHUjZSOVVBV0tONy4u

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