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1-Day Seminar: ‘Influence of Decision Making on Organizational Culture’

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1-Day Seminar: ‘Influence of Decision Making on Organizational Culture’
by Leeroy Carbin - Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 8:42 AM

We hereby invite you to register for the fourth seminar of the 2018 series of seminars on ‘Business Decision Making in a world of Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Complexity’:

‘Influence of Decision Making on Organizational Culture

Date:              Wednesday April 25, 2018

Time:              09.00-15.00hrs.

Venue:            FHR School of Management  

Fee:               SRD 600 (reader with PP slides & reference articles, snacks and lunch).

Lecturer:       Dr. Geert Heling


It is the responsibility of an organization's leadership to guide the organization into the future by making suitable strategic decisions. Strategy and the process of strategic decision making are popular topics, receiving a lot of attention in management literature. Much less attention is given to the consequences of strategic decision making for the internal working culture. There is an intriguing relationship between how within an organization decisions are made and how people take up responsibility, accountability, motivation, commitment, engagement, etc.

One of the recent developments in organizations is the focus on what is called 'strategic aligned behavior' (SAB). Put in simple words: 'how can we get employees to do what they are supposed to do in accordance with the strategic decisions?'  Typical for SAB is that employees are more inspired and 'guided' by company values instead of merely following instructions.

This seminar focuses on the implications of the process of decision making for the organization's culture, reflected in day-to-day management practices, employees' working attitudes, and indirectly also in the overall performance.

Seminar objective:

The objectives of the seminar are to provide participants a deeper understanding of the consequences of the decision making process for the internal working culture of an organization, and to provide them with some practical tools to stimulate internal commitment and strategic aligned behaviour.

The seminar addresses a.o. the following issues:

  • What is the link between strategic decision making style and organizational culture?
  • What is the role of leadership in this process?
  • What is 'strategic aligned behaviour' and how can it be stimulated?
  • How to improve creativity, autonomy, and learning?
  • What are ethical dimensions and implications of decision making?
  • How to create a culture of trust, commitment and high performance?

For more information: tachanna.brown@fhrinstitute.sr

For registration: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=JLMrmglkLkKxAmlQ7nHSLoo4b9Wb-uNBrp0awBgs_hFURFhLRzMyWE9IUjQ2TE1HUFdBRzQ2Tk1NUS4u