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FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies



 The FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies (FHR) is a non profit organization engaged in education, research and policy advice. FHR’s mission is to be a center of excellence in the fields of Policy Studies and Post Graduate Education. As an academic and professional training ground in Governance, Business and Law, FHR serves the Community by contributing to institutional and individual capacity development. FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social StudiesRead more...

Frederik Hans Rudolf Lim A Po

The Institute was founded on March 9, 2000 as a living memory to Frederik Hendrik Rudolf Lim A Po, a fierce advocate of life-long learning. According to FHR’s philosophy, adapting to societal and global change is a pro-active process in which experience is combined with continuous learning.

FHR Programs

FHR offers a scala of learning opportunities: Master Programs (18 months, part-time), Diploma Programs, (12 months, part-time), Executive courses (4 –day courses), and Executive Seminars (1 day course). Read more about FHR programs...


FHR provides post-graduate training and education in Governance, Management and Law. Its programs target current and aspiring executives and managers in private, public and civil society organizations. They aim at guiding participants through a process of academic learning and professional and social skills training to become highly competent professionals. All programs are policy oriented with an international, third world and comparative perspective and are balanced in terms of academic and professional workplace relevance. They all have a modular build-up and teaching consists of lectures and active learning by way of case studies, study group exercises, outside class assignments and independent research.


FHR combines the expertise of lecturers from abroad with local academic staff. Its lecturing programs are designed in accordance with international standards under joint responsibility of FHR and its partner organizations. Where this is appropriate, academics, policy makers, business executives and civil society leaders are consulted during the design process.


Academic research is an essential component of FHR master programs. All students have to design and conduct their own research project resulting in a master’s thesis to be defended publicly. FHR welcomes individual scholars from abroad to use its facilities and exchange their views when involved in fieldwork in Suriname. A strategic priority of FHR is to proceed with building up an academic staff of its own.
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FHR Staff

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